Welcome to YourHomeFormation

Welcome to YourHomeFormation.com!

Hello. I’m Chuck Staab, and have been a Wisconsin registered home inspector since 2005. For 20 years prior, I worked on houses – carpentry, masonry, drywall finishing, electrical work, period restoration, and almost everything else a home would require. In addition to being a registered home inspector, I hold a Wisconsin Master Electrician License, and a UDC-Construction Inspector Certification.

During the years I was doing physical repairs and upgrades to homes, I always researched the applicable codes and industry accepted “best practices” for the task at hand. After all, doing great work includes doing it in compliance with applicable codes and statutes.

I hold the same regard for “doing great work” while conducting home inspections. Since 2005, I have been studying the codes and statutes, keeping up with changes, and implementing those requirements in my inspection process and report writing.

The code requirements for home inspectors do not fill the reams of pages as do those for electricians, plumbers, and other construction trades. The codes for home inspectors, although relatively short, are specific and detailed.

Searching for and taking continuing education courses since 2005, I have found a significant lack of home inspector courses which cover the legal requirements (codes) for Wisconsin home inspections. I have also found that many of the existing courses which cover the “how-to-do” aspects of home inspections are often outdated, not fully compliant with Wisconsin specific requirements, or not entirely factual.

With those thoughts in mind, I came up with a concept. My goal with this web site is initially two-fold.
1. Provide a resource site for registered and aspiring Wisconsin home inspectors which will provide online courses, continuing education courses, and publications.
2. Where applicable, provide continuing education courses specific for Wisconsin electricians and UDC-Construction Inspectors. The courses would focus only on the requirements for dwelling structures – houses.

The resources in this site are intended to be not restricted to home professionals, but can be equally valuable to others, including but not limited to: real estate licensees, real-estate attorneys, lending officers, and yes, even some serious do-it-yourselfers.

The development of courses and material for this site will take time. Research, development, and addition of articles, courses, and publications to this web site and blog post will be on-going.

I will appreciate hearing any and all thoughts about this project.