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How to navigate this learning site.

Welcome to YourHomeFormation! We are honored you have chosen our courses.

You must register to gain access to the courses. It is necessary to create a username and a password, even for free courses.
Your personal information, including email addresses, will not be shared in any manner.
You will not be contacted except to provide you with clerical information, such as when your payment has been processed and when your course order has successfully completed.

You may receive emails from us if the information in any of your recent courses has changed due to Wisconsin Legislative Rulemaking, or other similar changes.
You will not receive annoying routine solicitous emails.

If you have not previously registered, click on any of the buttons indicating “REGISTER” or “CREATE AN ACCOUNT.” Follow the prompts and fill out all required fields.
If you have previously registered, click the “Log In” navigation tab. Once logged in, click on any “Select a Course” or “Available Courses” tabs.

When you select a course, you will be directed to a payment page. You may select payment through PayPal or another credit card. Make your selection and fill out all necessary fields on the following pages.
When complete, click on the tab “Return to Merchant.” You will be directed back to YourHomeFormation learning site.

After you complete the registration, you will be redirected to the log in page.

When you log in for the first time, please go to My Profile page and click on Edit Profile beneath the avatar image.

Fill in the following fields: (This information is necessary to ensure you receive credit for earned CEU’s)

First Name
Last Name
Biographical Info:

In this biographical info field, please type in your license or credential number(s) and the name of each credential, registration, certificate and/or license held by you.

When finished, click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page.

Click on “Available Courses” navigation tab. Then click on the course which you purchased.
Scroll through the pages and click on prompts as they arise.

When all course material and quizzes are successfully completed, click on the button for your Certificate of Completion.
It is your responsibility to save the certificates to provide the Department of Safety and Professional Services proof of having successfully completed the hours for the course, if that should ever be necessary.

Your continuing education credits for all successfully completed courses (for all but home inspectors) will be submitted to the Department weekly.